Thursday, 05 March 2015 13:18

Fly Me to Jupiter jewellery collection

Exciting new jeweller Kassandra Lauren Gordon launches her first collection Fly Me to Jupiter in The Corner Shop Gallery for women who want to make a habit of success and confidence.

Fly Me to Jupiter is inspired by space as a symbol for boldness, new experiences and self-acceptance.

Experience as a domestic violence worker and working with women in the community have convinced Gordon of the need for women to be more affirming of themselves.

Reaching for the stars is that much easier when you can attach them to your hand. Fly Me to Jupiter uses spheres and circles to represent orbits and celestial bodies. Angular shapes symbolize dimensions.

The jewellery satisfies the desire of some women for precious pieces made by hand that can be worn seamlessly in professional and casual contexts.

All pieces are made from precious metals and gemstones by hand from Gordon’s home studio.

Gordon says

“To me space is a metaphor for accepting oneself and ambition. As a physical destination it is a limitless place. Even when we say ‘reach for the stars’ we have an infinite choice of which stars as though to match the diversity of human personality and choice. You don’t need to have the same destination as other people and that’s OK.”

Kassandra Lauren Gordon moved to London five years ago. She studied jewellery manufacture and design in Hatton Gardens, first through short courses before setting up a home studio. She studied at Holts Academy and is also a performance poet. Her Jamaican heritage is represented by ‘ackee’ in her logo, the Jamaican national fruit.

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