Thursday, 28 May 2015 14:20

Fly cheap to Quebec!

Air Canada offers special prices for flights to Quebec. There’s just one fundamental question - why fly there? What’s so great about that particular province of Canada? If you don’t know - take a look below, and surely you'll consider going there!
Regardless of what you like - long hikes, quiet relaxation on the shores of a lake or big city fun – Quebec offers all of these things. You don’t believe it’s true?

In that case, you should know that from this province you can easily take a trip to the Hudson Bay or New York.
In Quebec you can also take part in a unique festival called Just For Laughs - the largest event of its kind in the world, where the most important things are good fun and laughter. You don’t like such events? In that case, take a trip to the Cider Route, where you can enjoy top-quality cider or to Rocher Perce - one of the largest natural arches in the world.
Do you prefer something a little more bourgeois or would you rather just go to a good bar? Then visit Montreal! Numerous clubs and restaurants will allow you to experience life in the big city.
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