Wednesday, 07 January 2015 17:51

Dior Beauty Purity

We turn our attention to the beauty look designed by Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, for the showing of the haute couture spring-summer 2015 collection. The beauty at Dior is like a breath of fresh air, a moment of calm and clarity to accompany the looks in unashamedly pop and psychedelic prints in the haute couture spring-summer 2015 fashion show.

The eyes are subtly shaded with a sweep of brown, almost Nude , which starts in the hollow of the eyelid, flaring out toward the temples. In order to highlight this idea of lightness, lashes are simply curved and eyebrows shaped with a pencil. The fresh and bright complexion is unified using an airily textured foundation; the cheekbones are then given structure and illuminated with a soft pink blush. The mouth is natural, simply plumped up with a gently glossy lipstick, while nails are painted in a discreet pink shade.

Hair, swept up on the top of the head, is shaped into a ponytail and accented with a single or double gold ring. The overall effect acts as a link between this beauty lightly worn and the new modernity blowing through the haute couture spring-summer 2015 collection.