Tuesday, 07 February 2017 15:12

Did you know that laundry can be even simpler?

Do you remember those times when on Monday morning you’re rushing to work and there aren’t any clean clothes left that you can put on? You search all the closets to find a set of clothes that is suitable for work.

Suddenly, you remember that your clothes are most likely dirty and you threw them into the laundry basket. You run towards it and dig out all of the contents in the hope that they aren’t that dirty and are still wearable. And it’s all over. It turns out that they’re washed, but ... still wet. There seems to be no way out of a situation like this and it can effectively ruin your day. Fortunately, there are some solutions to your problems.

A simple way of thoroughly washing and quickly drying

The Maytag washer-dryer is the only such efficient machine, which in a few moments can wash and dry your clothes. Would you like to see what kinds of stains it’s able to cope with? If so, we invite you to watch a film that will change your ideas about everyday washing.