Wednesday, 21 January 2015 14:53

First-Class Cocooning Lounge

The world is spinning faster and faster. Places to decelerate are more desirable than ever. CocoOne is such a place. Just like protective hands the bright fabric wings enfold you in the comfortable CocoOne® Cocooning Lounge to create a sense of security and a space for individual relaxation.

 CocoOne® meets the cocooning trend with a stylish aesthetic and satisfies our need for recreation and regeneration. The first class Cocooning Lounge makes quite an impression with its perfectly formed features, style and elegance.

CocoOne® is an exclusive relaxation lounge designed to accommodate up to two people indoors and outdoors. The two independently hinged swing doors protect the interior from the weather and environmental influences. In addition the swing doors shield guests from prying eyes and thereby create an exclusive privacy. CocoOne® also offers a degree of noise protection. Ambient background noise is somewhat dampened, allowing you to better relax, sleep or read.

The opened rear swing doors create a large lounge area. This improved accessibility makes it possible to comfortably sit down and stand up. Opening the swing doors open on both sides uncovers over 2/3 of the reclining area. In combination with the increased reclining space CocoOne® provides a wonderful view of the beach, pool, sea, landscape, skyline and much more.