Wednesday, 18 February 2015 14:36

Jewellery for London Fashion Week’s

The British Council and the British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase arrives on the 19th of February. The event runs in parallel with London Fashion Week and its aim is to promote talented and aspiring fashion designers from participating countries, embassies and cultural institutions.

Hot tipped as the country to watch out for, the Philippines’ six rising star talents will showcase their AW15 collections inspired by the folklore and mythical creatures of tales and legends that have dominated Philippine culture and society.

The Philippines is renowned for producing world-class fashion designers, many who have received international recognition and celebrity status including Monique Lhuillier, Josie Natori, Mich Dulce and Michael Cinco.

The six designers representing the Philippines for AW15 are:

Jaggy Glarino

Jaggy is known for his intuitive approach to design and expert draping. Jaggy says that he is inspired by, ”Anything that affects or moves me. It could be an art form, a random object, music, a mood, practically anything! I have always thought that “getting-inspired” is an organic process and more often than not, it comes from things that you have the least interest in and at times when you least expect it.”

John Herrera

John practices maximalist layered from dramatic, far-reaching inspirations and says, “I am both a technical and artistic designer. I make the patterns for every dress I create. Anyone can make a dress, but the magic lies in the skilled hands of the patternmaker. I believe in Philippine arts and artistry in design and I want to be a proponent in finding a distinctive Filipino voice in the fashion world. I support a community of weavers that uses local indigenous materials such as jusi (banana fiber), pina seda (pineapple silk) and silk cocoon. I have a strong point of view anchored by my obsession with detail.”

Michelline Syjuco

Michelline is known for her boundary-pushing use of unconventional materials and comes from an exciting background. “I started designing accessories and outfits for my band in the 90s. We were the youngest commercially signed alternative band in the Philippines at that time, and I created all the costumes and props that we used for our television and live performances. I was born into a family of artists. My parents are considered the primary proponents of experimental art in the Philippines, so I was exposed to unconventional forms of creating art ever since I was a young child. When I create, I do not see any limitations, only possibilities.”

Renan Pacson

Renan specialises in highly detailed outerwear and firmly believes that the devil is in the detail. “Working in haute couture retail taught me that nothing is impossible in regards to creating. I always try to incorporate local fibers into my pieces and I am continuously innovating how I can use our local materials and turn them into something that could be part of a daily wardrobe. I’m inspired by the whole process of creating, of turning ideas and concepts into tangible, wearable pieces.”

Tony Evan

Tony portrays a unique sense of artistry through his use of lines and seam placement and his creations almost have an otherworldly feel. “I have a very inquisitive mind. I see normal objects and I’m always trying to figure out how they work, how they’re made. There is also that element of escapism. I see a lot of the abstract elements of design like balance, continuity and relation. I’m inspired by religious images, specifically Lenten processions. There is intention behind everything I put out. I don’t add things just because they look good; I put them there because they add depth, character, or it leads the viewer to how I want them to perceive my work and me. It sounds a little manipulative but that’s the purpose of design, to make you think.”

Ken Samudio

Ken is known for his hyper-tactile jewellery and accessories. ?Nodding to the underwater world, it is no surprise that Ken is a trained marine biologist. “I try to reference my background as a staunch supporter of the environment and it is evident and ever-present in my collection. I push myself through innovation in design and a constant need to be relevant. My work is a mix of old world handicraft techniques and utilizing pioneering and environmentally sustainable materials.” Already courted by the media, Ken was featured in Vogue Talent for accessories in 2014. “I started my business with a capsule collection of headpieces and before I knew it, a famous celebrity bought the entire collection. Magazine features, fashion shows and retailers soon followed suit and the rest, as they say, is history.”

The Philippines Centre for International Trade Expositions and Missions executive director, Rosvi Gaetos says,

“We are looking forward to the IFS as an opportunity for our young fashion designers to break into the global fashion market.”

Kristine Umali, Commercial Attache and Director of Philippine Trade and Investment Centre adds,

“We are looking forward to sharing our incredible designers at this year’s International Fashion Showcase. The Philippines produces some of the most creative people in the world and we hope that through the IFS our six Filipino designers will attain global recognition for their impressive and creative designs.”