Saturday, 07 February 2015 15:32

Bang & Olufsen surround sound

If you are considering buying a Bang & Olufsen TV, you're well on the way to the ideal surround sound setup. All our current TVs have the option of a built-in surround sound receiver and either come with an integrated center speaker or give you the chance to choose the setup that’s perfect for your needs.

 Every Bang & Olufsen TV has the optional advantage of a built-in centre speaker and an intelligent surround receiver, calibrated and fine-tuned for use with our entire range of speakers so you can decide on any extra additions based solely on your taste.

The front speakers move sound from side to side as the action shifts around the room to give you the most realistic experience.

One subwoofer
The subwoofer is dedicated to enhancing low frequencies. Picking a spot for one is fairly straightforward as the human ear can’t distinguish the origin of a sound below 80 Hertz.

Two rear speakers
The timing and direction of the audio from your rear speakers is instrumental in establishing a convincing three-dimensional soundscape.

ang & Olufsen's pioneering sound has put the little Danish town of Struer firmly on the global acoustic map. This passion and dedication shines brightly in our surround sound.

Bang & Olufsen is always in step with the latest technological breakthroughs and constantly evolves its algorithms to optimise the distribution of sound between speakers. From the moment you turn on your TV these algorithms are continuously at work, processing the countless formats in which sound can be recorded.

Our algorithms intelligently and automatically adjust the current sound mode to match the news, documentary or film you are watching or even the video game you’re playing.

To fully appreciate this, switch from a film to a video game. Your TV will automatically change to ‘Game mode’ and sound now reacts with the same lightning speed as your reflexes.