Wednesday, 07 January 2015 15:13

Exlusive wearable tech devices

Stay on top of everything when the Nabu notifies you of incoming calls, texts, emails, and other app alerts, without distracting you in the moment.


Track your daily activity and sleep data automatically.
With a highly advanced accelerometer and algorithms built in, the Razer Nabu lets you know exactly how far you've walked today, how long you've slept, how many more calories you need to burn to hit that personal goal, and more. The best part is the device calculates numbers based on your personal profile – ensuring the activity data reflected is yours and yours only.

The world’s first social wearable.
With Pulse, Razer’s proprietary wireless system, the Nabu can communicate band-to-band to create a social network that lives in the offline, with online significance.

The future of wearables is built on an open development platform.
Uses and applications for the Razer Nabu will continue to grow with thousands of developers already working with the Nabu developer kit. The free SDK allows you to harness the smartband’s capabilities and data to create completely new functions. So what are you waiting for?